Frederic Dard & Orchestra – SIA Beach Resort (AY22-10)





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Label: ALTY / Japan

Year: 1986

Format: LP

Condition: <vinyl> EX <cover> EX- (with obi and insert)

Side A 1st half


SIde A 2nd half


Side B 1st half


Side B 2nd half



A1 Message From The Star
A2 The Wind Mills Of Your Mind
A3 Sun-rise At Papeete
A4 Blue Island
A5 Mauritius Morning
A6 Spring Song
A7 Southern Cross Dream
B1 South Sea Island Magic
B2 Sentosa Island
B3 South Island In Paradise
B4 – Hawaii Islands
1 Mapuana
2 Beautiful Kahana
3 Sweet Someone
B5 Choral Island Of Maldives
B6 Good-Bye